Hi, and welcome!


Building a website is very new to me, so please bear with me as I muddle through the process.


I find writing about myself, and what I would like to do, a very arduous task! I would much rather do the writing, and allow it to speak for itself. But unfortunately, my stories do not speak for themselves, so I have to blab about them somewhere...


I have written numerous screenplays, and some have won accolades, and awards. ROBOMUTT, (also known as SEIRIOS) has done well in several script competitions, most notably the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards and the Launchpad. I may novelize the ROBOMUTT script in future, so I’ll be sure to post news of that here.


I have also made several short films, but found that I enjoyed the story writing process to be the most enjoyable and challenging part for me.


My goal is to tell a good story in whatever medium it calls for; a short film, short story, children’s picture book, or a novel.


So wish me luck in my writing adventures!


A. T.







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